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Unproto QSO's with BPQ

Support for sending and monitoring unproto packets is an after-thought for BPQ.

But there is a poorly documented add-on feature in the Node, to allow sending unproto packets.

From the node prompt you can use the following:
to go into "unproto mode"
1 above indicates the port number you want to use.

ctrl Z will exit the mode.

Unfortunately, the terminal program will not monitor unproto packets.

in order to do that, you will need to look for, install and configure another after-thought, called BPQTermTCP, which will let you monitor a whole lot of good things.

The author of BPQTermTCP is KB8PMY. He provides Windows version of BPQTermTCP here: http://www.kb8pmy.net/files/BPQ32/BPQTermTCP.exe
Sometimes his site is down. So I provide an old copy here: http://ag6qo.com/BPQTermTCP.exe

John, G8BPQ provide notes on using it here: http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Documents/BPQTermTCP.htm

April 29, 2017

- Joe, AG6QO