Proven image won't boot on new Rpi!

I experienced boot problems with new Rpi when attempting to run a "proven" F6BVP FBB SD image.

I'd been running a full service Bulletin Board System on one Rpi, using F6BVP's distribution for many months.
Using the same distribution (SD copied with DD), but with AX25 disabled, I had also been running a 2nd Rpi as a private FTP server (see links on my Rpi page for mounting a USB hard-drive).

I purchased two "new" Rpi to begin a "remote control" project, to allow power monitoring and cycling remotely at our repeater site, on the two BBS support nodes.

Problem was, neither of these "new" boards (type B), would boot with the same copy technique !

I spent days, changing one thing at a time, starting with the assumption that it was something about MY configuration that was the source of the problem.

Eventually, I concluded it was NOT something I did which prevented the thing booting, and began researching online.

Again after several days, I found what sounded like a description of the behavior I was seeing. And it turned out that it was related to Rpi boards with Micron processors.

Apparently, this was a known problem, fixed in Raspbian kernels built after September 2013. I had to upgrade and recompile the kernel.

This fixed the boot problem, but caused AX25 to crash, indicating that it too had to be recompiled.

I found a description of the problem (and how to solve it) here:

Search for "1 flash:".

This recommends updating and upgrading the kernel and apps using
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

This process takes about a half hour or so to complete.

You may then need to update and recompile AX25, FPAC, and FBB, as per instructions provided by F6BVP, as described here:

This process will take another 45 minutes to complete. Have fun!

May 26, 2014