BPQ User Configuration

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These are per-user configurations. You must select the user you wish to configure, from the list on the left. After you've made your changes, don't forget to hit the "Update" button !

To add a new user (which you will need to do for any BBSs you wish to forward with), type their BBS callsign into the text box to the right of the "Add" button, then press "Add".

1. BBS - Tick if the user will pick up or leave messages using FB1 or FB2 protocols

2. PMS - Personal Mailbox - Allows use of software such as Winpack, to use FBB compressed forwarding, even though it isn't a BBS.

3. SYSOP - tick if you want the user to have access to sysop commands. Usually, this will be only you.

4. Expert - Reduces the number of prompts for the user. Generally, you should tick if the user is forwarding.

5. Excluded - shuts this user out. They've been bad ! They cannot access the BBS at all.

6. SYSOP LM - Only tick if you want SYSOP messages to go the the user.

7. Allow Bulletins - Tick if the user is allowed to send bulletins

8. Permit Email - only relevant if you have internet email enabled and configured. Allows this user to send internet email via the mail server you have configured. Not generally recommended.

9.RMS Express User- uses WL2K in the SSID to make RMS E think it's a WinLink system

10. Poll RMS - tells the BPQ system to get this users WinLInk Mail from the CMS. SSID's listed are picked up from the CMS.

11. Hold - Does not allow the user to post messages without your (SYSOP) approval. (See BBS commands documents for LH, UH, and KH commands).

12. winlink.org - If an RMS Express user addresses a message to g8bpq@winlink.org, RMS Express removes the winlink.org and only sends the callsign. Normally BPQ adds the winlink.org back if it receives just a callsign in the TO address. as that is what most RMS Express users would expect. However in some cases (eg a system without an interface to Winlink) this isn't appropriate, so can be disabled.

13. MPS - Message Pickup Station - allows multiple users to pick up NTS messages

14. User name

15. Password for POP - access to BBS messages (not for internet email). Pickup and send BBS messages using your email client program.

16. QTH - of user

17. Home BBS - of user. This is the BBS to which all their messages will be fowarded. Each user must designate one and only one "Home BBS" to which thier messages will be directed by the BBS network. This is used by the White Pages (routing table). (See the "Home" BBS command which allows the user to set this themselves.)

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