BPQ Mail Configuration

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This page allows you to view and manipulate the status of all the messages on the BBS.

1. Message List - This list displays all the messages on the system. You can click on any one to select it, and it's details will display on the frame to the right. This frame allows editing of each parameter.
2. From Callsign - Callsign of the originator of the message. Likewise, the "To" addressee of the message and its MID or BID.
3. Type - Type of the message can be Personal (P), NTS Traffic (T), or Bulletin (B).
4. Message Status - indicates current status of the message, and allows editing of the status, which can be one of the following:

N - New - not read or forwarded
Y - Yes, it's been read
F - It's been forwarded (see matrix below for indications to whom)
K - It's been marked for deletion (on next housecleaning cycle)
H - Held. Can be held due to user, filter, or BADWORD rules. See
D - Delivered - NTS Traffic has been marked by an MPS as delivered.

5. Edit Text - clicking here opens a window displaying the contents of the message. It can be edited and "Saved" (see "6").
6. Save - ANY of the message properties displayed on this page can be edited, but it will not take effect until this button is pressed. DON'T FORGET to SAVE !
7. Save Message -
8. Print - prints the message if you have a printer configured.
9. Export - exports a message to a file. See http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Documents/ImportExport.htm.
10. BBS Stations - this matrix displays a grid of all user stations which have "BBS" ticked. If you select a message from the list which is queued for fowarding to one or more of these stations, it's forwarding status will be indicated as follows:

White Background - message is not queued to this station.
Yellow Background - message is queued to this station but has not yet been forwarded.
Green Background - message has already been forwarded to this station.

Note that you can "click" on any station and rotate the message status to the next "color". In other words, if a message is not queued to WS6P, the background in the WS6P cell will be white. If you click in that cell once, it will turn yellow, queueing the message for forward to WS6P. If the message is already queued to WS6P, but not yet forwarded, the background in the WS6P cell will be yellow. If you click on the cell twice, it will toggle the color from yellow, to green, to white. This effectively de-queues the message, so it will not be forwarded to WS6P. Don't forget to "SAVE"!


See G8BPQ's documentation .

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